Our Highlights of the Week 🌟


🌟 ‘I liked writing about our monsters, I wrote 100 sentences’-Lena

🌟’I liked getting new DEER books’-Bobby

Numeracy and Topic Maths

🌟 ‘ I liked learning about 3D shapes. It was tricky but I liked it.’- Hannah

(This week we started learning about the faces of a 3D shape, we looked at 3D shapes and tried to count their flat faces, curved faces and total number of faces)

Health and Wellbeing and P.E

🌟 ‘I liked making our Worry Monsters’- Ayla


🌟 ‘I really liked acting out the vets’- Daisy and Anna

🌟 ‘I really liked being the receptionist’-Nirvanya

🌟 ‘I was the vet nurse and I got to feed the animals’-Rowan

🌟’I was the vet and I got to give the cat an x-ray’- Zdeny

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